Rules, Regulations & Bylaws

All members, their guests and guests attending private functions are expected to be aware of and follow all rules & regulations. 



Club facilities are open for use by the general membership from 11:00 am to 8:00/8:30 pm daily unless otherwise posted.

Every member must stop at the Gatehouse upon entry to the Club. All guests, including grandparents, co-parents, and nannies, must also stop and register (giving their name and the member’s name to the Gate Staff).

Children under 13 years of age are not permitted in the Club unless accompanied by a parent, nanny, co-parent, grandparent, or Club member 17 years of age or older who will accept responsibility of said children while on the premises.

A nanny (non-member hired by member) may substitute as a parent. He/she must be 17 years old or older and has unlimited visits with the member’s children. The nanny may not have guests. If the nanny is at the Club with the adult member, he/she is considered a guest and is subject to the guest rules. The Board of Directors must approve nannies. (Nanny applications are available at the Gatehouse and web site.)

Radios, Cell Phones, etc. may not be used in broadcast fashion. They may be used for personal enjoyment so long as that use does not disturb the membership or affect the peaceful family atmosphere of the Club. This provision will be enforced by the Club Director or his appropriate deputy.

Tables are not to be moved and should be left clean after use. Tables may only be reserved for same day use.

All trash is to be placed in trashcans. Members are responsible for cleaning their areas of food and debris before leaving the Club. Adults are responsible for their children’s litter.

Club equipment must be signed out by a member and may not be removed from the premises. The person signing it out must return all equipment. Parents are responsible for damaged or lost equipment. Certain equipment may only be signed out by members ages 13 years old or older.

No spirituous liquors or drugs are to be dispensed or consumed on the premises. Glass bottled beverages must be poured into non-breakable containers for consumption.

No pets are allowed on premises except for Club-supervised programs.

No umbrellas are permitted on the shady side of the pond and all umbrellas must be at least 10 feet from the water’s edge to allow a clear passage into and out of the pond and to keep from puncturing our sprinkler lines.

“Sportbrellas” must be in the upright position to allow for visibility from behind.  Also, no tents or temporary shelters of any kind are allowed at Paradise.  Our pavilion provides plenty of cover if needed.

Lost and Found is located by the Guard Shack. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity. Valuables (watches, rings, wallets, etc.) may be claimed from the Club Director.

Persons damaging Club facilities may be held responsible for repairs or replacement. Parents are responsible for the activities of their children.

Staff and Gatehouse attendants will strictly enforce Club rules. All questions and concerns should be directed to the Club Director.



A member must register all guests at the gatehouse, or through our Member Splash Program at, and the applicable guest fee must be paid. Guests are admitted into the Club only when registered by an adult member who is responsible for their actions. At the time of the guest’s entry, the member must be present at the Gatehouse, or be on the Club property and have pre-registered the guest. If the guest arrives prior to the member, the guest will not be admitted to the Club until the member arrives to register that guest.

Guests may be on the Club only when accompanied by a member. 

Adults are limited to a total of five (5) visits per season. Children 16 and under are limited to a total of ten (10) visits per season. Club members who babysit or provide daycare for children who are non-members must also abide by this rule.

A membership may host a maximum of eight guests at any one time unless one family unit exceeds this number. More than eight guests constitute a rental and must be pre-arranged through the Gatehouse Director.

Guest Fees 

Weekdays $8

Weekends $10

Holidays $12

Children 12 months and under are admitted at no charge.

Guest fees, including rentals, after 5 pm, M-Th, are discounted 50%.

Grandparent fee is $4 per day or $35 per season

Nanny  & Special Needs Nanny fee is $5 per day or $50 for season. 

Extended Guest Privilege fee, when criteria are met is $100 per person per season or pay as you go.

Co-parent fee is $75 per season

Grandchild fee is $5.00 per day for unlimited visits; $300.00 for unlimited visits up to
four grandchildren and $100.00 for each additional grandchild.

Grandparent, Nanny, Grandchild, Co-parent and Extended Guest applications are available on
PCC website or at the Gatehouse.

Grandparents, Co-parent and Extended Guests have unlimited guest privileges when criteria are met, and must be accompanied by a member at all times.

Sixteen (16) year old members may sign in guests 13 years old or older with parent’s written and verbal permission. (Check at the Gatehouse for details.)

It is suggested that on entering the parking lot, guests park on the left side.


Speed limit of five (5) miles per hour will be strictly enforced on Club grounds.

Our roads are also used as walkways; always be alert for children on the roads, running across the roads, and running down hills.

All cars are to be parked in the designated parking areas. The front lot is for members and guests. The back lot and right side of hill by pavilion is for members only. Access is before 12:00 and after 4:00.Cars using handicapped spaces must have proper ID. Temporary permission may be requested from the Club Director. Those illegally parked may be towed at owner’s expense. There is absolutely no parking by any picnic areas day or evening.

No bicycles are to go beyond the front parking lot. Skateboarding and roller skating/blading are not allowed on premises.

Grills are allowed in designated picnic areas only. They are not allowed on pool deck and adjacent areas, snack bar deck, and areas surrounding the pond. No grills are to be left unattended and their fires must be out completely before leaving area. Gas tanks and lighter fluid may not be left on premises when not in use. All used charcoal is to be disposed of in designated charcoal cans.

Club-owned charcoal grills have been provided for use by all members. These grills are to be shared within the area in which they are located, and they are not to be moved by members.

No glass containers may be carried around the Club. Absolutely no glass permitted on the pool deck. Beverages in glass must be poured into a plastic cup or non-breakable container for consumption.

Children under 5 years of age must be supervised in the play- ground area by a responsible person 11 years of age or older. The toddler playground is restricted to children age 4 and under.

Parents are responsible for the use of the bathroom facilities by their children. Young children must be accompanied by an adult for assistance, as it is impossible for the bathrooms to be cleaned after each person’s use.

All games and activities are to be confined to designated areas. No ball playing is allowed against the bathhouse wall or around the pond and pool.

Wooded areas surrounding the Club are off limits, with the exception of Club-sponsored activities.

All injuries, however minor, must immediately be reported to the Club Director or his assistant. An accident report will be filed.

Fast-food deliveries are to be picked up at the corner of the main parking lot near the reserved parking spaces by the lower grove.


Smoking is allowed in designated areas only (this includes vaping as well). Please use receptacles for butts.



The operation of swimming facilities shall be under the charge of the Club Director and lifeguards assigned to the specific areas. They will enforce swimming rules and make such rules in addition hereto as may be necessary to increase safety of facilities.

Swimming is permitted only when a lifeguard is on duty.

Persons must be clean and free of sand and dirt before using the pond or pool.

Long hair must be tied back and should be gathered above the shoulders.

Any individual may be required to prove swimming ability to be in deep water.

Non-swimmers must be supervised by an adult at the water’s edge when using water facilities.

Children with bubbles or other swim aids may be permitted in the pool and deep area of the pond only accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

An untrained child must wear a swim diaper under a bathing suit when using the pool or pond. Use of disposable diapers is prohibited.

The racing blocks at the pool are to be used during swim team practice and Club-supervised activities only.

Nothing shall be taken into the pool or pond that tends to pollute the water or is hazardous to swimmers. No food or drink is allowed by water’s edge.

No glass or gum is allowed around/in pool or pond area. (For safety reasons, use of those items throughout the Club is strongly discouraged.)

All persons known or suspected of being afflicted with a communicable disease, such as colds, cough, inflamed eye, skin disease, bandaged skin, etc. shall be excluded from swimming areas.

Chairs on pool deck are for everyone’s use. Belongings should not be left on chairs when not in use. Please be courteous and considerate.

No running is allowed on pool deck or around the pond area.

Boats, tubes, etc. may need to be removed from the pond occasionally at the Club Director’s discretion.

“Horseplay” is not permitted in or around the pool or pond.


The boating pond is open from 12 noon to one hour prior to closing unless otherwise announced.

Boating is allowed only when a lifeguard is on duty.

The lifeguard will enforce all boating rules and may make such rules in addition hereto as may be necessary to increase the safety of the facility.

Children 9 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Everyone in a boat must wear a life preserver.

Lifeguard on duty shall deny boating privileges to those persons who behave inappropriately or demonstrate improper handling of boats.

Boats are not permitted behind the island and must remain in the lifeguard’s sight.

Boats are to go ashore only at the loading area.

No one is allowed to walk around the boating pond or to be in the woods.

“Horseplay” is not permitted in boats or near the boating pond.


Court etiquette should prevail on and around the court area at all times.

The har-tru and asphalt courts are open from 8 am - 8 pm daily, court conditions permitting, as determined by the attendant on duty. (The Club caretaker does not have the authority to open the har-tru courts.)

Courts will be closed periodically throughout the day for court maintenance. Maintenance times will be posted at the courts.

All players may sign up for a court for same day play.

Tennis players must be on their court not later than ten (10) minutes past their sign-up hour; otherwise, the court will be forfeited.

Only players wearing proper tennis and shoe apparel, deemed appropriate by attendant on duty, are allowed inside playing area. Swimsuits are not allowed.

Only players are allowed inside playing area.

Tennis players, 16 years and older, have adult privileges on the courts. They have preference to courts on weekends, holidays, and after 5 pm on weekdays. This is considered “prime time.” (A child may not be “bumped” if playing with an adult during prime time.)

Children capable of playing tennis have equal rights to courts at all other times.

Smoking and food are not allowed inside playing area.


The boating pond is supervised from 12 noon to one hour before closing daily, unless otherwise announced.


Children 9 and under fishing during off hours, require adult supervision.

Fishermen should be within view of the lifeguard on duty. No fishing is allowed on the far side of the pond or near the bridge by vicinity of road.

Fishermen are encouraged to return fish to water immediately. These fish are not to be eaten.

Use of knives is not allowed.

Fishermen should wear shoes while fishing.

Swim Team • Swim Lessons

Swim team members should not leave the pool/pond area before, during, or after their practice, before the Club officially opens (11 am).

Children under 13 years old must be escorted to and met pond/poolside at the conclusion of their practice time by a parent or other responsible adult, if before 11 am.

Members of the swim team and swim lesson participants must observe all pool rules including hair length.


Tennis Team • Tennis Clinic

Tennis team members should not leave the tennis area before, during, or after their practice, before the Club officially opens (11 am).

Children under 13 years old must be escorted to and met courtside at the conclusion of their practice time by a parent or other responsible adult, if before 11 am.

Members of the tennis team and tennis clinic participants must observe all rules of tennis etiquette.

Leaves of Absence

A leave of absence may be taken if a member will not be returning for one or more seasons. A $100.00 per season fee is charged.  This LOA fee will guarantee your membership spot for the following year.

Directions to Paradise Country Club

From the North: Whitney Avenue (Route 10) or Dixwell Avenue to Skiff Street.

Right on Skiff Street (which later becomes Howard Drive) to the end (1.6 miles from Whitney, 1.1 miles from Dixwell). Right on Paradise Avenue to stop sign at intersection (0.3 mile). Left on Hill Street (0.1 mile) to the Paradise entrance on your right. At Paradise entrance, please observe speed limit of 5 miles per hour.

From the South:

Whitney Avenue (Route 10) or Dixwell Avenue to Skiff Street. Left on Skiff Street (which later becomes Howard Drive) to the end (1.6 miles from Whitney, 1.1 miles from Dixwell). Right on Paradise Avenue to stop sign at intersection (0.3 mile). Left on Hill Street (0.1 mile) to the Paradise entrance on your right. At Paradise entrance, please observe speed limit of 5 miles per hour.




Revised 5/2021