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Member Splash Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I arrive at the club?


When you arrive at the club every day, please roll down your window and give the gatehouse staff your last name and/or account number. The gatehouse staff will then find you in the Check-in system and check you and everyone with you that day into the system.


Do we get car decals this year or member packets?


There will be NO decals this year. With the new system, membership numbers are assigned through Member Splash. Your vehicle information is also updated there. 


You will receive a copy of the Rules & Regulations with your account number on it. 


Can you explain this Guest Credit thing?


Guest credits are the new version of guest passes. There are no more paper guest passes being issued. Each guest credit costs $1. Guest fees are:


Guest fee for weekdays is $8.00 (8 credits)

Guest fee for weekend days is $10.00 (10 credits)

Guest fee for Holidays are $12.00 (12 credits)

Guests under the age of 12 months are admitted for free.

Guest fees are half price after 5 pm, Monday to Thursday. $4 (4 credits)

Approved Grandchild $5 (5 credits) Return the Grandchild application to receive reduced rate

Grandparents Daily Rate $4 (4 credits) - Every Day. Grandparents guest fees are not discounted after 5 pm. 


Do I have to buy guest credits online?


Nope! It can make it easier but you do not have to. The gatehouse staff can take cash or check for guest credits. You can pay as you go or buy a bunch in advance. We do encourage buying in advance to make the process faster at check-in. 


Can I still use my old paper guest passes?


Yes! The paper guest passes issued in previous years can be redeemed for a guest at any time just as in the past. 


Speaking of many can we bring this year?


Each membership can bring up to 8 guests 7 days a week, including holidays. 


So how do I check in my guest?


When you arrive at the club, give the name of your guest to the gatehouse staff. They will add them to Member Splash and check them in with you. If they are arriving later, let the gatehouse staff know what time they will arrive. They will check them in once they arrive. You can pay for them when you arrive or they can pay for themselves. Let the gatehouse staff know how they will be paying. 


I want my grandchildren to come with do I register them?


Download the Grandchild Privilege Request form and return it with you. Choose whether you want to pay for up to 4 for $300 for the whole season or $5 pay as you go. Grandchildren pay as you go are $5 and use the same guest credits as any other guest. Once this form is returned, you will get the discounted rate. 


What about those other membership add-ons (nanny, extended guest, co-parent, grandparent)?


All the forms are on our website. Return them to the gatehouse. You can pay by cash or check, or online once the form is accepted and approved. Grandparents joining you for the season can be paid for online at anytime. Just be sure to return the Grandparent Form so we have their vehicle information. 


Is Member Splash Secure? 


Yes. A limited number of people have access to your accounts (same as those who had the information before). Credit cards saved on file are not accessible to anyone and are held securing through the Member Splash site. 

The Gatehouse Staff checking you in only see names, ages and your emergency contact. They do not have access to any additional account information. 


How do I update my account?


You can update your address, emails, birthdates, etc. on your own. If you need to add a member or update your vehicles, fill out the Membership Information Form. 


If you have any other questions, reach out to Jennifer Schmitz,

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