Paradise Swim Team

Dear PCC Swim Families,


(Currently PCC is still determining if we will be allowed to participate in our swim team league for 2021. This website will be updated just as soon as we hear.)


Meet our Coaches


Coach Sean:

Sean has been involved in the sport of swimming as an athlete and as a coach his whole life. He started swimming at the age of 5. He became an all-state athlete and a captain of his high school team. He started coaching the paradise swim team when he was 22 years old. He has been coaching here since. He started as the 6-under coach and had progressed to the head coach position he is in now. He lives and breathes paradise and understands what it means to bleed purple!

Coach Maria:

Maria has been a part of swimming her whole life. She joined Paradise at the age of 6, and once she realized she loved it, she continued swimming year-round. She was captain of her high school team and continued swimming throughout college. While in college, she volunteered at Paradise, helping with the 8-unders and 6-unders and whatever else was needed of her.  She officially joined the coaching staff at Paradise when she graduated in 2011 and has been here ever since.  She mainly coaches the younger swimmers but works with all age groups.  Like Sean, she bleeds purple and can’t imagine spending her summers anywhere but on the Paradise pool deck.