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PCC Adirondack Chairs 

Adirondack chairs are available to purchase for the 2024 season for $35 each.

Families can purchase a maximum of 2 chairs to be stored at the club.


The $35 per chair fee includes the cost of the chair, daily stacking and sanitizing, annual winter storage, and pre-season washing. 

Accessing Your Adirondack Chairs at PCC

  • Each chair will have the family name written on the right arm.

  • Chairs will be stored for your convenience in your choice of 4 “zones” (poolside, shady side, upper grove, baseball field) each night.

  • When you arrive to the club simply pick up your chair from your zone and enjoy the day. Note, Due to the popularity of chairs and other duties of closing staff, we do appreciate members restacking their own chairs when able.

  • We will have a limited number of rental chairs ($5/day) available for guests when you need them.

  • Maximum of 2 chairs total per family.

I Already Have PCC Adirondack Chairs

If you already have a chair from previous years, you can order one more for this year. If you already have two chairs and order new ones, we will discard the old chairs for you and replace them with the new order. 

I'm a New Member. Can I Use My Own Chairs?

Absolutely! You are welcome to bring your own chairs to PCC. We ask that you bring them to and from the club with you as we are unable to store other chairs on the property. 

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