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Guest Information

Paradise Country Club welcomes members' guests. Please follow all guest policies below!

Guest fee for weekdays is $8.00

Guest fee for weekend days is $10.00
Guest fee for Holidays are $12.00

Guests under the age of 12 months are admitted for free.
Guest fees are half price after 5 pm, Monday to Thursday with the exception of the grandparent fee. 

Rental fees for Members are half price Monday to Thursday after 5 pm. 

Guests Policies

  • PCC guest registration is not taken over the phone. 

  • A member must register guests at the Gatehouse when the member arrives at the Club, and the applicable guest fee must be paid.

  • Guests are admitted into the Club only when registered by an adult member who is responsible for their actions.

  • At the time of the guest’s entry, the member must be present at the Gatehouse, or be on the Club property and have pre-registered the guest.

  • If the guest arrives prior to the member, the guest will not be admitted to the Club until the member arrives to register that guest.

  • Guests may be on the Cub property only when accompanied by a member.

  • Guests and the number of visits are tracked by the gatehouse staff.

  • Adults are allowed 5 visits per season and children 18 and under are allowed 10 visits (total - not per member). 

  • Club members who babysit or provide daycare for children must also abide by this rule.

  • A membership may host a maximum of ten (10) guests at any one time unless one family unit exceeds this number. More than ten (10) guests constitute a rental and must be pre-arranged through the Gatehouse Director.

  • Grandparent fee is $4.00 per day or $50.00 per season. *There is no discount after 5 pm for grandparents. 

  • Nanny and Special Needs Nanny is $8.00 or $75.00 per season

  • Co-Parent fee is $75.00 per season

  • Grandchild fee is $5.00 per day (pre-registered) or $8.00 per day (not pre-registered) or $300.00 per season, up to four grandchildren. $100.00 for each additional grandchild

  • Extended Guest fee, when criteria are met, is $100.00 per season or pay as you go

  • Grandparents, Grandchildren, Co-Parent and Extended Guests have unlimited
    guest privileges, but all must be accompanied by a member at all times.

  • Sixteen (16) year old members may sign in guests 13 years old or older with parent’s written and verbal permission. (Check at the Gatehouse for details.)

  • It is suggested that on entering the parking lot, guests park on the left side.

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