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Paradise Grill Specials Coming Soon

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Skip the Line - Order Via Text

  1. Text your order to: (203)694-4949 for food truck and Paradise Grill orders 

  2. You will receive back confirmation and your order total. 

  3. Send Venmo payment to the account below and pick up your order at the side window(or food truck) once you receive notification that your order is ready. Venmo payment to: @EandPgroup



Snack Bar Swipe Cards

Snack bar swipe cards and lanyards are available!

Load funds onto the swipe card to save time when it comes time to pay.

See the cashier at the snack bar to get and load your card today! 

For those members who purchased a Gift Card during our Black Friday event, we are asking that you please pick up your card prior to Memorial Day weekend (cards will not be issued Memorial Day weekend due to how busy it will be) 


There will be a table set up outside the snack shack during the dates and times listed below. The front gate will be open during these times to allow for pickup. 

The gift card will only be released to the member who made the purchase.  Each member will need to provide ID and must sign for the gift card. 

We are looking forward to an amazing summer!!  


Black Friday Gift Card Pick Up Dates and Times:  


5/24: 3 - 5 pm

5/25: 3 - 5 pm

5/26: 5 - 7 pm

Swipe Card_edited.jpg

Food Trucks and Catering

Tata’s is very accommodating to our needs and is very much looking forward to serving our members in any way possible. They bring with them the ability to cater any private event and also have three food trucks at their disposal. These trucks consist of a BBQ truck, an empanada truck, and a Tata’s truck. Be on the look out for these trucks rotating in and out of our club throughout the summer offering additional options for lunch.


You can contact Efrain with catering and food truck inquiries at 

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