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Evacuation Procedures

Paradise Country Club has a vested interest in the safety of its membership. The authority to close the club due to a weather emergency shall be the responsibility of the club director or his designee.

Due to the fact that Paradise does not have adequate indoor facilities to accommodate all our members, there may be times when we must evacuate the grounds. In the event of an electrical storm, hurricane and/or tornado, the staff will sound off a loud air horn. This will only be used when emergency evacuation is necessary. At the sound of the horn please gather your belongings and use your vehicles as a place of refuge. The car is the safest place to be. Do not panic. The lifeguards will assist you and your children. Remember your children are your most precious possessions. If the storm comes in fast you will be instructed to leave your chairs and coolers. You can come back for them later. Stay away from: Water, Trees, Pavilion, Metal Poles (i.e. tether ball, playground, tennis courts).


For more, please access the PCC Rules and Regulations.

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