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We are getting closer to opening day!

It’s Time for the Weekly PCC Member Update

2020 Edition!

I promise to keep this one shorter than the last. ☺  Just a few things that the Board wanted to share after our meeting earlier this week.

1. You can still order Adirondack chairsthrough June 15th(limit 2 per family) 

2. After Covid 19 delayed our major renovation project, we are thrilled to report that the pond has been repaved and will be painted and filled with water in the next few weeks (asphalt has to cure before the sealer and paint are applied). Weather permitting, we are hoping to have it swim ready shortly after our expectedJune 20th opening day.  Many thanks to our amazing Chris Nowacki for making this happen so quickly!  

3. Speaking of awesome work – Membership Director Deb Sansone is keeping very busy with new membership applications. For the safety of our members and staff, we have decided to limit our membership to fewer families this year. Deb is anticipating that we will have a wait list within weeks.  We cannot hold spaces for members who owe balances on their dues beyondJune 15th.

Please have your dues paid in full byJune 15th to avoid being put on the wait list. Mail payments to: Paradise CC,P.O. Box 185629, Hamden CT 06518

4. To maintain crowd control we have decided to wait to allow guests at the start of the season. We will reevaluate this weekly in hopes of bringing back our friends as soon as possible!  Of course Co-parents, grandparents, grandchildren and nannies are always welcome! 

5. Spacing for the snack bar has been creatively marked thanks to a few of our artistic teen members. Please notice the line now runs along the side of the deck and the exit is out of the back deck gate – one way only – just look for the flips flops and follow the path ☺   The cashier will be spraying all cards used before returning them to members after placing orders. We encourage the use of cards over cash as much as possible this season.  Lastly, to limit crowds, we ask that when possible adults come alone to pick up food and bring it back to their tables or blankets to enjoy. 

6. In addition to the new procedures we shared last week Nate has added a few more details to his plan. Thanks to members for their helpful feedback in developing these plans. They include:

a. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the snack bar, bathrooms, pool, pond and playground.

b. The playground will be staffedfrom 11:30-4pmdaily. This staffer will monitor the number of children visiting and enforce our “clean play rule” by requiring everyone to use hand sanitizer before entering the playground (staff will provide sanitizer).

c. No noodles, tubes or rafts this season – personal flotation devices for non-swimmers only. Bright side, no huge inflatable swans to squish in the car trunk either!

d. If using a picnic table for the day, please use a table covering. 

e. We encourage the wearing of face masks in busy areas such as the bathrooms and snack bar. 

f. Look for signs on seating in the first grassy areas this year. In order to maximize space on the pool deck and adhere to state guidelines, we need to create “walkway” space to the far side of the pond. This means that approximately 30’ from the paved walkway (by bulletin boards) along the pool fence will not be a seating area this year. This should not affect many people but will allow space for people to walk in both directions with a safe distance from the pool deck chairs and pond.

g. We encourage everyone to follow a “Family only blanket” policy and ask you to keep your things on your own blankets and refrain from sharing toys and supplies that you bring to the club. Also, please sit an appropriate distance from friends and be helpful to others by allowing room to walk. 

7. Get the coolers out, pack the towels, stop cleaning your house because you won’t be home muchafter June 20th.If the Governor sticks with his plan, we will see you in just a few short weeks!  WE CAN’T WAIT! 


Megan Jermain Paradise Club President 

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