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PCC Swim Lessons

PCC Swim Lessons- 2020

We are happy to have Lexi and Avery returning this year and we welcome Lauren to our instruction team! We are proud that all 3 of our instructors are collegiate level swimmers with experience, dedication and enthusiasm for teaching.

All instructors are available for private lessons ($20/30-minute session). Feel free to ask them about private lessons anytime.   

Small Group Lessons

Session 1- 7/6-7/17

• Sign-ups for Session 1 beginMonday June 29th at 11 AM

Session 2- 7/20-7/31

• Sign-ups for session 2 begin Monday, July 13th at 11 AM

Session 3 8/3-8/7 (one-week session only)

• Sign-ups for session 3 beginMonday, July 27th at 11 AM

The cost of the lessons is $25 per 2-week session. Session 3 will be $15.  Lessons will run daily (M-F) for ½ hr lessons for each session.  We guarantee 6 lessons for the 2-week session, 3 for Session 3.  If lessons are cancelled in the morning due to weather, the afternoon session will not run (even if the weather clears).  We will send out cancellation notices as early as possible so please be sure you have subscribed to our email list and that you are receiving updates.

For 2020, to follow State guidelines any child participating in swim lessons must be able to swim independently across the deep end of the pool without a flotation device. All instruction will be contact free at a safe distance.  We have changed our swim levels for this season. Please read below before registering for lessons.  

Level 1- Intermediate Swimmer.  This swimmer is able to float independently and kick 15 yards with a kickboard and “dog paddle” 10 yards with support as well as float comfortably on back with support.  Emphasis will be placed on increasing independence from flotation devices.  Treading water will be introduced and practiced daily.  Swimmers will practice rotary breathing with a dumbbell and kickboard as well as learn to float independently on their back.  Introduction to freestyle and backstroke will occur and swimmers will be introduced to competitive swim technique in both strokes.  Independent streamline glides will be introduced and practiced repetitively.  Swimmers here will jump and attempt to dive into the deep end of the pool (from side and starting block)

Skills to master to move to level 2:             

• Independently float on front and back (15 sec. minimum each)

• Front streamline glide from push off wall (5 yards)

• Complete 1 lap of pool independently (mostly freestyle)

• Complete at least 10 yards on back independently

• Tread water 30 seconds

Level 2- Advanced Intermediate.  This swimmer is able to swim at least one lap of the pool and float independently.  Emphasis will be placed on refining freestyle and backstroke technique with emphasis placed on rotary breathing to prepare this swimmer for competition. Competitive flip turns will be introduced and practiced while reinforcing the concept of streamline. Swimmer will also be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly as well as diving off the side of the pool and the competitive starting blocks.

Skills to master to move to level 3:        

• Complete one lap of pool freestyle with rotary breathing (face in water)

• Complete one lap of pool backstroke (competitive preferred but some elementary Ok)

• Dive from side and/or starting block

• Tread water in deep end- 1 minute

Level 3- Pre-Team.  Continued emphasis on stroke technique of all 4 competitive strokes including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.  Swimmers will also practice diving, gliding and turning.

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