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Paradise is for Friends!

Guest Privileges

There’s nothing like sitting at the edge of pond in your chair with a friend to chat with. We want you to share Paradise with your family and friends.

You can bring a friend for the day during the week for $7 and $9 on the weekend. If you have 9 or more friends this is considered a rental and you should book it ahead of time.

Bringing a guest to Paradise is easy. Simply stop at the Gatehouse and hand in your completed guest card (you will get some in your membership packet) and pay for the day.

You may bring the same adult guest up to 5 times and a child guest up to 7 times.

You can have a guest meet you at Paradise after you drop off a card at the Gatehouse. Be sure your guests are aware of the PCC Rules.

If you have a friend who is interested in joining, please have them contact Deborah Sansone, Membership Director, at

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