Paradise COVID-19 Safety Plan

We are less than a week away from opening for the 2020 season.  We are preparing a welcome email newsletter to go out early this week, but wanted you to have our COVID-19 Safety plan now. 

This plan, along with all rules and regulations, can be found on our website.CLICK HERE TO READ THE 2020 COVID-19 Safety Plan

If you have any questions, please email us

Thank you,

Megan Jermain

Paradise Club President

COVID-19 Safety Plan 

All members, their guests and guests attending private functions are expected to be aware of and follow all rules & regulations.  The COVID-19 Safety Plan will supersede any other applicable rules or regulations. ​

The COVID-19 Safety Plan is subject to change and may be updated at anytime. 

Extra staff will be on hand during first few weeks to help with transition to new procedures. 

Wear a mask upon entering and exiting the facility and when close contact with other individuals cannot be avoided.

No guests will be allowed at this time.  We will reevaluate after July 6th.

USTA guidelines for tennis will be strictly enforced on all courts, which will mean smaller size clinics and no sharing of equipment.   CLICK HERE FOR USTA GUIDANCE.​

Picnic tables: Spaced out in all groves, families must use table covering if using a table for the day, no tables at snack bar.  

Lounge chairs on pool deck spaced in groups of 2/3 (per family) 6 feet apart on pool deck. Do not move lounge chars. Sanitized each night.

Adirondack chairs: we will provide sanitized wipes upon request when members pick up chairs; we sanitize and restack at night, smaller piles to minimize contact with others.

Beach blankets- families should keep all of their belongings  on their own blankets and space at least six feet from friends. Please leave space for others to walk.

Playground: Open when staffed only (11:30 -  4:30/5) , staffer will monitor children and enforce “sanitize before you play” rule (will provide hand sanitizer before entering playground). Staff will monitor numbers on playground (to 15, 6 on toddler playground).  Slides and swings wiped down 3 times a day and in evening.

Walkways must keep traffic moving. Area between pond and pool fence will serve as a walkway this season – no blankets or seating allowed there. There is not enough room to sit 10 feet from pond and allow people to safely walk 6 feet behind.

Area around the tree outside pool deck will be closed off from seating to allow maximum # of lounge chairs against the fence and keep distance from walkway.

Children under 10 must be with an adult at pool, swimming pond, playground, bath house and snack bar. We strongly encourage families to send one adult to the snack bar to get food as line can get congested.

No tubes, noodles or rafts  - persona