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Graduation Parties More Affordable at PCC!

Why not host your next party at PCC?

Paradise is a perfect place to celebrate a graduation, birthday or team party! Whatever the occasion, PCC provides a beautiful setting with plenty of activities for your guests. And, now high school graduation parties for current members will be offered for only $5.00 a guest.

We can also host your business rentals. A retirement party or company picnic is perfect under our Pavilion surrounded by beautiful Paradise!

Rentals are easy, $7.00-$9.00 per person, and your food options are endless. You can take advantage of our many charcoal grills placed throughout the club. Erin at our Snack Bar is happy to help with catering, or bring in a FoodTruck.

Please feel free to contact Marcia MacNiven with questions or to book your party. There is plenty of information on our website or email

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