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Summer 2020 News: An Update From Paradise Country Club

Hi Paradise Membership,

Here is your weekly update as we prepare for the summer season. Things are looking good at Paradise! Nate has been there cleaning and has enlisted the help of a few motivated members to make some changes to spacing at the club. He has also been following state guidelines for club preparation and recently presented a detailed plan to the Board of Directors that includes additional measures he and his staff will take to provide the safest possible environment for our membership. We are eagerly awaiting Governor Lamont’s decision for Connecticut pools to re-open. Based on what we have heard in discussions with representatives from the state and local levels, we are very optimistic that we will be part of the Phase 2 reopening in CT!  As soon as the Governor makes his announcement we will submit our request for our annual preseason Quinnipiac Valley Health inspection so that Paradise can open on day one of this phase. 

In regard to the safety of pools, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated “There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people throughout a properly maintained chlorinated pool.”  Our pool water is currently tested throughout the day but we will increase testing to an hourly rate to ensure our levels meet the state require

ments at all times. As you all know we are very cautious here at PCC when it comes to the cleanliness and safety of our water. Nate is a certified chemical hygiene officer with decades of experience in maintaining the highest level of safety in pools.  We are confident that the safety maintenance of our pools goes well beyond the state guidelines.  While we are on the topic of swimming, we are excited to share that the pool is almost cannonball ready and the pond is currently undergoing a renovation that includes structural improvements, the removal of decades old paint and the installation of a new and improved filtration system.   We are so excited for everyone to see it when it is done! 

We meet weekly (sometimes more) to stay current on what other states are doing so that we are best prepared to meet all standards put forth by the Governor. We have discussed how to handle every possible scenario that we may receive, from limiting capacity to increased monitoring of high traffic areas to minimizing the sharing of equipment to keeping a safe distance from others.  I wanted to share just a few of the safety plans we have for the season. After we meet with the Health Department we will provide copies of our complete plan to all members. The plan will also be posted around the club throughout the season. Remember these are currently in addition toextensive plans implemented by the state.  

  • At one time not long ago Paradise had about 450 families who fit comfortably into the club (well, the 4th of July was a little crazy sometimes). Our current membership number is about half of that so we do not anticipate having to “schedule” or restrict visits from members should the state ask for a capacity limit. We are fortunate to have such a large area of land here at PCC!  We also feel that members will be able to have limited guests at this time and are in discussions on how to handle larger groups and rentals requests. Of course the members use of the club will be prioritized over nonmember rentals and large groups.  

  • USTA guidelines for tennis will be strictly enforced on all courts, which will mean smaller size clinics and no sharing of equipment.  Michael and Nicole (Tennis Director) are working hard to plan for fun tennis activities that follow these guidelines. 

  • We have spaced out our picnic tables in the larger groves and will add tables to the popular areas around the pond to give families more opportunity for comfortable distancing - thanks Dan and Garrett Sparks! We have also measured for spacing of lounge chairs on the pool to allow many families to continue to enjoy their time there safely. 

  • Both doors of the bathhouses will be monitored by assigned staff during the busy times of the day to allow for one-way traffic and to limit the number of members inside.  Lines for both will be marked to ensure 6-foot spacing. Additionally, staff will be dedicated to this area for the regular cleaning of all surfaces. We also plan to install touchless soap dispensers here and in the guard shack medical treatment area. We will follow the state guidelines for masks but encourage members to wear them while inside the bathhouses as an extra measure of safety. 

  • The snack bar will also follow a one-way traffic pattern. We have been able to create space for a line that runs alongside the deck with marked spaces for 6-foot distance (it actually looks really nice with some cool new signs). One way traffic will flow up the stairs, waiting areas will be marked on the deck and everyone wi

ll exit the snack bar through the back deck gate. Erin has been in contact with the Dept. of Health and is working with Beth (Snack Bar Director) to purchase all materials necessary to follow health guidelines. She will have one dedicated staffer for accepting orders and payments who will have no contact with food.

  • The roads beyond the front lot will be closed after 11am to allow for additional walking space and safe exiting of the snack bar. Members will be allowed to drive in and drop off supplies before 11am. 

  • Staff will be highly visible and walking the grounds throughout the day to assist members with social distancing and provide support to any members as needed.  A staff member station will be situated in front of the shack to help with any questions or concerns. 

  • Arts and Crafts may be limited to a few days a week to allow our employees to prepare single use crafts so materials are not shared between children. We will use space in the pavilion for arts and crafts to allow room for families to comfortably enjoy this activity. BINGO will also be spaced in the pavilion and boards and chips will be disinfected after each use.  

  • Adirondack chairs and pool lounge chairs will be disinfected before being restacked/moved every night.  Members can request a disinfectant wipe or gloves to get their chairs each day and guards will provide assistance in getting chairs when they are not on duty. 

In order to make sure you get the best and longest summer possible, we are discussing ways to extend the season. While we take pride in maintaining the lowest (assessment free) membership dues with the most services of any club around, we genuinely appreciate that you choose to join Paradise each year.   We have many ideas about September hours and will be following up in the coming weeks to share additional plans. 

I share these plans with enthusiasm and confidence that while PCC may look a little different this summer, we are hard at work to make it a safe, clean and healthy environment for all. Our staff will be very busy every day and will be here for you as you enjoy your days in the sun. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, please remember that all remaining payments for memberships must be paid in full by June 15th.   Payments should be mailed to: Paradise Payments PO Box 185629 Hamden, CT  06518

Stay tuned everyone, we are almost there!


Megan Jermain

Paradise Club President

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