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A Note from Nate

I know everyone has received lots of updates on new policies and procedures from our Board lately so I will be brief. I want to welcome new and returning members to our 2020 season and thank the Board for their incredible dedication to making this summer possible.   My staff and I are committed to giving 100% to provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for our members to enjoy the summer relaxation they deserve.  Our staff ambassadors will be here for the first few weeks to help you with any questions or concerns.  I ask all parents to help my staff and myself in working with our PCC children to embrace our 2020 policies with a positive attitude and team spirit – in times like these we must work together to make sure our summer is as fun and memorable as always. Please remember that when a staffer reminds you and your children of the safety procedures it is because I asked them to. We have an exceptional group of young men and women working with us this season. If you have any questions or concerns regarding staff please see Marco, Natalya or me.  Please spend time talking with your families about our “Top Ten Rules” so we are all on the same page. People have asked if we will restrict whom their children are allowed to play with. That is a parenting decision. As I am sure we are all doing in our lives at home, everyone here must decide whom they allow into their “bubble”.  Staff will encourage social distancing and enforce policies meant to protect everyone but will not interfere with your decisions on playmates or which activities you decide to allow.  We do ask that you allow for appropriate spacing and discuss with your children what your family will do to feel safe. 

Paradise 2020 is looking great – there minor changes here and there but nothing that will prohibit us from having another great summer!  Natalya, Marco and I are here with our staff to help you – don’t hesitate to ask. Again, please check out the 10+ things to remember. I look forward to seeing all of you very soon – my family is truly grateful to enjoy this light at the end of this historic tunnel with all of you.







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