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Paradise Embraces the Modern Family!

Paradise Country Club offers many different options to welcome you and your family. We know you are busy with work and activities that pull you every which way. We understand co-parenting and that caregivers are often nannies or grandparents. We've got you covered. Check out all of membership add-ons that will help your summer be as relaxing and enjoyable as you can imagine!



You can add a nanny to your membership for $5.00 per day or $50.00 per season. The nanny has unlimited visits to Paradise as long as he/she is with the children. If the nanny accompanies the parent, he/she is subject to guest fees and restrictions. Once you are a member, complete a PCC Nanny Application

We also offer a Special Needs Nanny option. Please click here for details and application

Learning to Swim

Extended Guest

You can have an extended guests with approval from the board. All extended guests are subject to approval and must pay the appropriate guest fees. Please email pccmembership@paradisecountryclub for more information



You can add a grandparent to your membership for $4.00 per visit or $35 for the season. Grandparents have unlimited visits to Paradise as long as he/she is with the grandchildren. Once you are a member, complete the PCC Grandparent Application.



You can add your grandchildren for extended visits when accompanied by you. Cost for the grandchild privilege varies as follows: $60.00 per child for 15 visits; $120 per child for 30 visits; $300 for unlimited visits up to four grandchildren. All grandchildren must be registered at gate house. 

Click here for the Grandchild Privilege Request form



You can add a co-parent to your membership for $75.00 for the season. The co-parent is allowed unlimited visits to Paradise as long as he/she is with his/her children. Co-parents are allowed to bring in pre-approved guests of the children. Once you are a member, complete the PCC Co-Parent Application.



If you have any questions, please contact us at

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