What’s your idea of summer?

As we try to get through these incredible cold days, we ask you…

What’s your idea of summer?

Picnic baskets.

Sandcastles. Blue popsicles.

Happy kids who live in swimsuits.

Learning to hit a tennis ball. Learning to swim.

A raft on the pond. Story time in the grove.

 Sounds like Paradise.


Sun lotion. A fat novel.

Long, lazy days by the pool.

The Sunday paper and steaks on the grill.

A game of bocce before coffee and dessert.

One last dip before the sun goes down.

 Simply Paradise.

 A camp-out under the stars. A boat race to the island.

Playing ball with your pals. Fishing by yourself.

Swimming twenty laps. Turning over to tan the other side.

The whole family in one place, all having fun.

 That’s Paradise.

Summer is short. Vacation every day.

Turn off the TV.

Pack the cooler. Grab the beach towels.

Invite guests without cleaning the kitchen.

Your own private estate, just down the road.


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2 Responses

  1. Joanne Newton says:

    Paradise can’t come soon enough!!!

  2. Paradise swim team fun! We bleed purple!

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