Welcome to the 2017 Summer Season!

We hope by now you have received our Welcome Back Newsletter and Fridge Facts in the mail and are ready for great summer by the pool.

A few important notes about this weekend.

Unfortunately our pond will not be ready to open this weekend. With the wet weather the paint has not had time to cure so we are going to hold off filling it until mid-week. It will be ready for swimming June 3rd! Our pool and the rest of the facilities, including our brand new paddle boats will be ready and open for your enjoyment tomorrow.

A few reminders for new and returning members from Nate Hill, our Club Director:

Please remember to STOP at the gatehouse and say hello.

Please observe the 5 MPH speed limit throughout the club.

While picnicking this weekend please remember that our grills are for use by anyone.

No glass containers are allowed at the club. PLEASE put it in plastic since we have a lot of bare feet running around the club!

I hope to see everyone over the weekend and don’t hesitate to stop by the guard shack with any questions or just to say hello!

Thank you,


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