Trial Membership 2017


2017 Membership Drive

Invite your friends and family to take advantage


This special offer is available each and every week, from Saturday through Friday.

How much is the One Week Trial Membership?  $195.00 for the week.

Who is eligible?  Family and friends who were NOT previous members of Paradise Country Club or those who have NOT previously taken advantage of the One Week Trial Membership.


  • Trial Membership consists of two adults and all children residing in the same household.
  • Trial Membership will NOT include Guest Privileges (daily guests, grandparents, nanny, rentals).
  • There will be no refunds.

If you would like to apply for full membership at PCC after the One Week Trial expires-your application needs to be processed and presented for approval to the PCC Board of Directors.  Once this process is complete, you will be notified by email, along with billing and payment instructions.  All Fees and Dues MUST BE PAID IN FULL before being allowed access to the Club as a member with full membership privileges.  Membership dues will be pro-rated.

When a Trial Membership applies for full membership for the 2017 season, the $195.00 fee will be applied to the $1000.00 initiation fee (payable over two years).  This offer is only available if the Trial Member joins Paradise Country Club prior to the 2018 season.

Here’s how to apply for a Trial Membership…Apply online at  Print your completed application and bring it along with a check made payable to:  Paradise Country Club to the Gatehouse on  your first visit.

What if I need more information?  Contact PCC Membership Director, Claurisse Campanale–Orozco at 203-288-7972 or You can download the application here.