Swim Lessons

PCC Swim Lessons

In this introductory lessons, new swimmers will learn the basic water skills: blowing bubbles, bobs, submerge mouth nose and eyes, floats and recovery, alternating arm action, supported kicking, and jumps.

•  We run small class size ensures maximum learning and safety.

•  Sessions run for 1/2 hour between 11:00 am – 2:30 pm.

•  Learning to swim is easy and fun with a program that is designed to introduce concepts and skills in a logical sequence.


PCC Swim Lessons

2017 Swim Lessons

1st Session begins June 26 – July 7 (no lessons on July 4)

2nd Session begins July 10 – July 21

3rd Session begins July 26 – August 7


For the 1st Session begin Sunday, June 18


*Visit the guard shack for more information