Summer Membership Promotion

Paradise Country Club 2017 Membership Drive

Deferred Initiation Fee  & Pro Rata Dues For New Members

These combined offers are available for new members who join Paradise Country Club for the remainder of this season.

Ready to join TODAY:

Join before July 8: Pay pro-rated membership dues of $1140 for the 2017 season. The initiation fee is deferred into 2018 and 2019 ($500 each year).
Join after July 8: Pay the pro-rated membership fee for this summer; plus $200 towards the initiation fee. The remaining balance of the initiation fee will be deferred and payable in year 2 (2018 – $400) and year 3 (2019 – $400).
Pro Rata Membership Dues are a decreased payment of dues based on the date that any new member / family joins the Club.  New memberships start on Saturdays.  For specifics on the pro-rata fee based on your start date, Contact PCC Membership Director, Claurisse Campanale–Orozco at 203-288-7972 or / or PCC Financial Secretary Janis Panagrossi at