(Reminder) Semi-Annual Membership Meeting is Tomorrow!

Paradise Country Club

Summer Semi-Annual Membership Meeting

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Paradise Country Club Pavilion


Dear Members,

The Board joins me in inviting all of our members to our Semi-Annual Meeting on Tuesday, July 21st at 6:30 pm at the Paradise Country Club Pavilion.

The meeting serves you, our members, as an update on the past, present and future of Paradise and to address any questions or concerns you may have.  Those members attending the July Semi-Annual meeting will receive 2 guest passes per membership.

Please be sure to bring your ideas for the 2016 season.  The Board meets during the months of September and October to prepare our budget for next year.  Any and all suggestions to keep Paradise “the Best Place to be” are welcome.  Our Fall Semi-Annual Meeting is held in November.  At that time, the Board presents the budget and future concerns for 2016.  The membership then votes on the proposed dues.

Agenda for the July 21, 2015 Semi-Annual Membership Meeting:

  1. Opening Comments- President
  2. Opening Comments-Director
  3. Acceptance of Minutes from the December 10, 2014 Semi-Annual Meeting
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Board Committee Reports
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business
  8. Proposed By Laws Revisions
  9. Nominating Committee

By Laws Committee:  The By Laws Committee has been meeting since April, and has proposed revisions to the PCC By Laws.  Those proposed revisions were reviewed by the Board and will be voted on by the Membership at the Semi-Annual General Membership meeting on July 21st.  Copies of the proposed By Laws revisions are be available for review at the Gatehouse and the Guard shack and on the PCC website (www.paradisecountryclub.com).  Members may also contact the Recording Secretary (kathyakirby@cox.net) to have a copy of the proposed By Law revisions emailed to them.  Copies of the proposed By Laws revisions will also be available at the General Membership meeting on July 21st.


Nominating Committee: Per the Bylaws Article VI Nomination of the Board of Directors, section 1 – The purpose and duties of the Nominating Committee are to educate, recruit, identify, interview, and present a qualified candidate for positions on the Board as Officers and Directors of the Club.  It shall consist of five (5) individuals who shall serve for one year commencing at the Summer Semi-Annual Meeting.

  • The Chair shall be appointed by the President with Board approval.
  • The remaining four (4) members shall be elected by a majority vote at the Summer Semi-Annual meeting. Nominees must be present or have expressed a written interest in serving.
  • The individual with the next highest number of votes shall be the designated alternate.
  • Individuals included in the Board of Director’s membership are not eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee.
  • No member of the Nominating Committee shall be nominated for a Board position.
  • No more than two (2) memberships on the Nominating Committee shall have served on the previous year’s Nominating Committee.
  • No membership shall serve on the Nominating Committee for more than three (3) consecutive years.
  • Vacancies on the Nominating Committee shall be filled by the alternate or by the Committee Chairperson if the alternate in not available.

Positions open for election in November are:

President- 1 year term

Vice President- 1 year term

Treasurer-1 year term

Recording Secretary- 1 year term

Gatehouse Director- 2 year term

Health & Safety/Insurance/Snack Bar Director – 2 year term

Membership Director – 2 year term

Tennis Program Director- 2 year term


Updated position descriptions will be available from the Nominating Committee chair, at the PCC Gatehouse and Guard shack, on the PCC website (www.paradisecountryclub.com).

Thank you,


Scott Millea


Paradise Country Club Inc.

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