PCC Family Camp-Out

PCC Family Camp-Out

Saturday, July 18

•A Paradise tradition!
•Bring your tent, sleeping bags and snacks
•Registration will begin at 3pm at the Guard Shack
•We will be holding our tent decorating competition so start planning your theme…
•Prizes for the best decorated tents
•$6.00 per tent
•DJ from 6:00 – 9:00 pm
•Movie at the Pavilion from 9:15 – 11:00 pm
•Lights out at 11:30 pm
•Tents to be removed by 10:00 am on Sunday


•You must provide the names of all members of your party, pick up wristbands for our party and provide license plate info.
•Cars may unload on ends of field but please be considerate and move your car into designated parking areas as quickly as possible.
•There MUST be an adult in each tent.
•Your number tag must be displayed outside of your tent.
•No glass containers.
•Please act responsibly and remember that this is a FAMILY event.
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