Important information About the PCC Boo Bash!!!!

Hi to all PCC Members:

I have received a few questions on ages and guests for this event. Please see below even if you have signed up already.

  1. Regarding ages, all are welcome. We have teens ages 14-18 working at the event along with me. Last year most of our trick or treaters were ages 2-12.
  2. Guests: while we hope to accommodate some guests after registration for members ends on 10/10, that should be limited. We are asking members to provide candy for 200 children and will charge additional children $10 to come. This money will be used to buy candy to supplement what each car brings for children after 200. With this in mind, we are asking that you allow members to sign up first. If you absolutely cannot attend without that BFF, we ask that guests are limited to one per family. We don’t want to see one car arrive with 15 guests so please, NO birthday parties at this event! Let’s all look forward to enjoying time with our summer friends for a fun fall event!
  3. Important: When you sign up, make sure you check 2 boxes, one for your car and one for the number of trick or treaters you will bring. If not, it will look like you have a car with no candy collectors and we need to keep an accurate list of those guys to please our crowd!

While my family and I do miss summer already (although the weather is still here isn’t it) I have returned to my “other” jobs teaching and coaching which makes it difficult to respond.  I will not be able to check email until October 10th .   Please follow the directions on the Sign Up Genius, get your candy and cars ready and I look forward to seeing many of you on Oct 24th!



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