Board Position Descriptions

Board of Directors’


President (1 Year Term)

• Ensures the objectives of the Club are carried out by the Board of Directors and staff.
• Presides over all Board Meetings and General and Special Membership Meetings.
• Appoints the chairperson of all committees with Board approval.
• Be a member, ex officio, of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
• Recommends individuals for non-elected positions for approval by the Board, hereinafter called Appointed Officers.
• Has authority to sign checks on Club account(s).
• Facilitates annual budget preparations.
• Holds Club Director accountable for the overall daily operations of the Club.

Vice President (1 Year Term)

• Presides when the President is unable to be at a meeting or when the President has to step down from the chair because he or she wishes to debate an issue.
• Has authority to sign checks on Club account(s).
• Coordinates rentals for Club members.

Treasurer (1 Year Term)

• Manages finances of the Club. This shall include, but is not limited to, all receipts and disbursements as approved by the Board of Directors.
• Maintains records of receipts and disbursements and prepares financial statements.
• Provides financial records, statements, or any other documents when requested by the Board of Directors.
• Presents itemized financial statement report at Semi-Annual General Membership meetings of the Club.
• Has authority to sign checks on Club account(s).
• Works in conjunction with the Executive Board to prepare the annual budget.

Recording Secretary ( 1 Year Term)

• Records all minutes at Board Meetings, General Membership Meetings, Special Meetings, and other meetings as assigned.
• Makes available, at these meetings, all minutes from the past two years.
• Receives and responds to all Club correspondence as directed by the President of the Club or designee.
• Mails notice of forthcoming meetings to all members according to the Bylaws.
• Notifies members of their election to office or appointment to committees, and furnishes them with the necessary documents.
• Maintains the official documents of the Club, including (but not limited to) Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the Club, and all correspondence.
• Keeps Bylaws and other governing documents up to date with any changes made through the amendment process.
• Types other documents as requested by the President or designee.

Facilities Manager (Appointed Position)

• Responsible for year-round maintenance, improvements, and repairs to all facilities so as to ensure the proper upkeep and continued operation of the Club.
• Oversees the caretaker, the maintenance staff, and building and grounds contractors hired by the Club.
• Supervises any activity pertaining to the grounds and Club facilities.
• Supervises capital improvements performed by staff and outside contractors.

Legal Advisor (Appointed Position)

• Provides legal guidance and/or representation on any issue as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.
• Drafts and/or reviews contracts.
• Provides current certificate of professional malpractice insurance.

Communications Director (2 Year Term)

• Publicizes the Club and events, both internal and external.
• Manages content of Paradise website.

Membership Director (2 Year Term)

• Solicits and processes applications for membership to the Club and presents them for Board approval.

Financial Secretary (2 Year Term)

• Keeps accurate accounts of membership records.
• Bills and collects all dues and fees from members.

Gatehouse Director (2 Year Term)

• Manages gatehouse staff and procedures.
• Maintains all financial records of the gatehouse.

Health & Safety/Insurance/Snack Bar Director (2 Year Term)

• Oversees and evaluates all safety issues.
• Implements and maintains all insurance policies for Paradise, including but not limited to: Liability, Health, Automobile, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance coverage, and Workers’ Compensation.
• Hires and supervises snack bar vendor.
• Maintains snack bar facility.

Program Director (2 Year Term)

• Plans, implements, and supervises staff for recreational events for all members within an approved budget.

Tennis Director (2 Year Term)

• Oversees and promotes recreational tennis programs for all members in coordination with the tennis pro and staff within the approved budget.
• Coordinates all aspects of the tennis grounds and facility.

Swim Team Director (2 Year Term)

• Oversees and promotes the swim team program in coordination with the swim coaches and staff within the approved budget.

Immediate Past President

• Ensures a smooth transition in the leadership of the Board from the immediate past president through his/her successor’s first year in office.